Michal Jarski

Cloud Engineer

A summary of Michal Jarski


Cloud Engineer

– Present


  • Training in cloud technologies

  • Gaining 8 industry-level certificates in MS Azure and AWS

  • Learning and certifying in HashiCorp Terraform

  • Contributing to good learning experience of peers

IT Intern


  • Launching new services for the company

  • Managing AWS instances

  • Creating AWS autoscaling groups

  • Connecting instances and groups to CloudWatch

Freelance Developer

– Present


  • Developing software in Python

  • Developing websites using a combination of PHP and HTML frameworks



Kurier Europejski

As the president of JEF Poland, I was actively involved in the establishment of Kurier Europejski, with Maria Popczyk being its first Editor-in-Chief.


JEF Poland

As the president of JEF Poland, I was in charge of representing the organization during events abroad. I was also actively looking for and establishing new partnerships.

Communications Officer at JEF Warsaw

JEF Poland

As the Communications Officer, I was in charge of ensuring social media presence, regularly posting content online, and promoting the organization.

Web Content Administrator

JEF Poland

As the Web Content Administrator at JEF Poland, I was in charge of creating and maintaining the organization’s website.

President of JEF Warsaw

JEF Poland

As the president of JEF Warsaw, I was actively looking for and establishing new partnerships locally.


JEF Poland

As the volunteer, I participated in events organized by JEF Warsaw and helped in expanding the membership.


Maastricht University

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Bachelor of Science


Multi-Agent Surveillance System

Team Member at Group Project

The project was focused on developing autonomous agents for multi agent systems, with the agents being given a task of playing a hide-and-seek game.

Pentominoes and the 3D Knapsack Problem

Team Member at Group Project

The project consisted of three phases, all of which were connected by the theme of Pentominoes: Tetris-like pieces, consisting of 5 elements each. All of the code was written in Java with JavaFX (version 11.0.2).

A Titanic Space Odyssey

Team Member at Group Project

Goal of the project was to bring a manned mission to land safely on Titan (one of Saturn’s moons) and return back to Earth. To accomplish this project, ODE solvers were used to implement motion and examine the point in time when it would be best to launch the rocket.



Cloud Engineering

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Terraform


  • Python
  • Java
  • R

Version Control

  • Git
  • GitHub
  • GitLab
  • GitLab Community Edition

Machine Learning

  • Regression analysis
  • Neural Networks
  • Clustering
  • Classification

Interpersonal skills

  • Problem-solving
  • Public speaking
  • Collaboration
  • Helping others
  • Encouraging



Native speaker


C2 Proficient





Skiing & snowboarding